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Reading: Self-Consciousness and Schizophrenia: The Literary World of Nuria Amat


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Self-Consciousness and Schizophrenia: The Literary World of Nuria Amat


Lloyd Hughes Davies

Swansea University, GB
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This article explores varieties of self-consciousness in a range of texts by the Catalan writer, Nuria Amat (1950 - ). Her relentless pursuit of interrelated themes concerning reading, writing and collecting books leads to the exploration of literary passions and mental pathologies, notably madness, as well as to literary associations with suicide and death. Amat’s references to the work of international literary figures such as Kafka, Joyce and Borges and her interest in the relevance of such concepts as originality and plagiarism in the literary domain, suggest the blurring of boundaries between creative writing and criticism which reflects the practice of several contemporary, especially Latin American, writers. The essay concludes by noting the extent of Amat’s personal involvement in the vortex of literary activities she describes, a process which approximates her style to what Felman terms a language of madness (as distinct from a language about madness).
How to Cite: Davies, L H. “Self-Consciousness and Schizophrenia: The Literary World of Nuria Amat”. New Readings, vol. 13, 2013, pp. 74–92. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2013.
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