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Reading: Daniele Petruccioli: A Visible 'Performer' of Texts in Translation


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Research article

Daniele Petruccioli: A Visible 'Performer' of Texts in Translation


Estelle Helene Borrey

Macquarie University, AU
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This article explores aspects pertaining to the translation of Philippe Djian’s bestselling novel  37° 2 le matin. The source text (ST) was published in 1985, and its English counterpart Betty Blue: The Story of a Passion, translated by Howard Buten, was published in 1988. The 2010 Italian target text (TT) 37° 2 al mattino is translated by Daniele Petruccioli. The context in which Djian created the foreign text,  the conditions under which Petruccioli translated it, the significant impact of these conditions and other contextual factors upon the TT, are analysed in relation to translation as process,  product and activity. How and why translations should be evaluated and how translators should be perceived are key issues explored herein.
How to Cite: Borrey, E H. “Daniele Petruccioli: A Visible 'Performer' of Texts in Translation”. New Readings, vol. 13, 2013, pp. 93–110. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2013.
Peer Reviewed


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